Baby and kids fashion

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    Superfit takes responsibility for children’s feet and their healthy development.

    We are the market leader in the European children’s shoe sector, and we can draw on 70 years of experience in the development and production of all varieties of children’s shoes. Our success is rooted in the fact that our children’s shoes are just that: shoes that are specially developed for children. Our shoes are sold in over 45 countries. Which is why we have such high standards for our children’s shoes.

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    Always interested in innovation and satisfying the specific requirements of a foot that is growing and has to do it shod in the most appropriate way, the Garvalín company began a research project with the Biomecánica Institute of Valencia which led in 1996 to the label Biomecánics, whose priority mission is ergonomics and adaptation to use.

    Through exhaustive studies on thousands of children and observation of their different needs at different ages, came a range of highly comfortable shoes where conception, material and construction are fully committed to ergonomics.

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    The Story Behind Stonz Booties

    As an active mom based on Canada’s wet and rugged West Coast, Lisa discovered that finding warm footwear for her young kids was near impossible. With her five-month old son in a backpack, Lisa resorted to wrapping scarves around her son’s legs to keep him warm. When she met another mom with a boot that looked a lot like a fleece-lined chalk bag (which was made-by-hand for her child), Lisa instantly knew that these booties could fill a need in the market. Together, they created some booties samples – made with a fleece lined inner and a coated nylon exterior. The booties were designed with stylish appliqués, soft soles for a custom fit, and toggles at both the calf and ankle so that they stayed on.

    After nine years in business, the Stonz team knows that they are meeting a real need. They are constantly delighted to hear from parents and grandparents from all over who are enjoying the booties – just as Stonz intended.

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    Minymo is designed and developed for a Scandinavian look with international appeal. Colourful prints and a unique design help to create practical clothing for all children who live an active life with fun and games. Minymo is clothes for happy and active children.
    For the very young boys and girls from 0-2 there is sweet, smart and practical clothing, and for girls and boys aged 2-12 years there is smart, functional and fashionable clothing for any occasion.

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    LEGO Wear

    LEGO® wear means fun clothes. The designs and the choice of colours are catching and appealing. The graphic features and images are naturally found in the LEGO toy universe. Powerful colours and fashionable styling – that’s LEGO® wear.

    LEGO Wear garments are always safe for the child to wear. All LEGO Wear products are manufactured according to prevailing EU legislation (REACH) and are randomly subjected to Bureau Veritas inspections.

    Clothes should always be great to wear, in particular for children who play, explore and experience. In LEGO® wear you will find a complete collection that will allow your child “freedom of movement”.

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    CeLaVi is created with the focus on well-being. It should be great fun to be a “real mischief-maker”, who lives, plays and explores in all kinds of weather.

    The clothes are strong, smart and in bright colours. The beautiful motifs repeat on the rainwear and rubber boots and can be combined in countless variations.

    CeLaVi also has a program of underwear, nightwear and woollen underwear that is comfortable to wear even after many turns through the washing machine.



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    Molo’s journey sprang out of curiosity and a drive to radically change the existing children’s fashion world, which was, in 2003, less than vibrant and colourful. Since its conception, molo has seen its role as the brand that provides “favourites” for every child’s closet.

    Molo’s design feeds a child’s imagination with strong colours, fun prints, exciting shapes and bold combinations. At molo, we are completely crazy about prints because we appreciate that they help give character to even the smallest personalities. A print is something any child can relate to and can easily fall in love with. This is why prints are so vital to molo’s collections.

Baby and kids goods

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    For over 20 years, Angelcare has been at the forefront of parents’ minds, setting the standard in the world’s best baby items.

    Giving parents confidence to take a deep breath, relax, and savour every moment of their new life.


  • Nuna brand


    Nuna is a global brand with roots in Amsterdam.

    How do we give baby a spot at the table? Answering that led Nuna to design their first ever product—the ZAAZ™ high chair—launched in 2007.

    The practical side of family life is a constant source of inspiration to Nuna. Raising little ones is immensely rewarding and demanding, often at the same time. And it isn’t all about the children either. The adventures in parenthood have shown that practical and beautiful is the perfect balance when it comes to gear. There’s nothing Nuna appreciates more than clever design—thoughtful solutions—that bring parents a sense of joy.

    Designed around your life.

  • Grace brand


    Graco – Made for babies. Loved by parents.

    Graco is one of the world’s most recognized and trusted baby product companies. For over 60 years, the Graco brand has provided thoughtful, practical and dependable parenting solutions to generations of families. Our approach to caregiving stems from a heritage of innovation designed around safety, durability and the best intentions of loving parents.

    We know that the smallest things can make the biggest difference in taking care of your baby. That’s why everything we design is intuitive and easy to operate, giving you more time to focus on what really matters most, your little one. Our products are built to assist and enhance the parenting experience, lending every parent a helping hand and peace of mind.

  • Lucy and Leo

    Lucy & Leo

    Lucy & Leo offers toys with high educational value that are engaging to play with. Education during play and play during education – that’s how easy and fun it is.

    The toys are made of only natural materials, certified in accordance with European and American standards. To ensure the safety of the toys, materials are strictly selected: Romanian beech and Russian plywood, water-based paint, organic glue and 100% linen fabric.

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    Troll Nursery products are available throughout Europe, USA, Australia, China and just started up in Japan.

    When the first Troll factory opened in Smiltene, Latvia in 1994 its 20 employees produced 200 cots per month for the Swedish market.
    Today is a very different story. Thanks to the design and quality of Troll Nursery products, more efficient management and new technology Troll now has 300 employees in two factories producing 15.000 units every month.

    Every step of the way from the moment a log enters our factories in Latvia until the finished piece of furniture is boxed and packed for shipping, we ensure that every product meets our own and our customer’s high expectations on quality and design.

    When you first see a Troll product, you will notice that it is characterized by being designed to your highest expectations. We never try to cut costs by using boards and panels that are too thin or light because at Troll we believe that a strong cot is a safe cot.
    You will also notice the beautiful timbers of Birch that our products are mainly made of. Wood is a delight to work with and finish beautifully. The forests in Latvia cover 45% of the country.

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    Storksak’s story begins in 2003, when a meeting of minds on the school run launched working mothers Melanie Marshall and Suzi Bergman into the world of creating beautiful and stylish changing bags and accessories for parents and children.

    Crafted to last for years, even after your baby has grown, each bag is an investment wardrobe staple that meets the brand’s mantra: ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’.

    Thoughtfully designed in-house to help busy parents organise all they need for daily life, Storksak’s extensive collection combines stylish, elegant designs, practical features and quality detailing in both leather and non-leather fabrics which continue to set the standard that parents have come to trust and rely on whilst they enjoy those exciting first years of parenthood.

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    Motorola created the mobile communications industry. We invented most of the protocols and technologies that make mobile communications possible, including the first mobile phone, the first base station, and most everything in between.

    Today, we are combining that pioneering spirit with a renewed commitment to consumers. That’s why our phones run on Android, the world’s most popular operating system. Android brings the openness that shaped the Internet to the mobile world. That’s also why we are dedicated to bringing consumers around the world great value through devices that don’t compromise on quality, experiences or style.

    For the past 80 years, our engineers have thrived on invention and on finding new ways to solve problems. We continue to look for new opportunities to change people’s lives for the better through the magic of mobility.

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    Dooky has become one of the most appreciated accessory brands available. It all started with The Original Dooky, which offers a versatile alternative to the ugly blanket on the pram, jackets on the stroller or irritating not-functioning umbrellas.

    For it’s productions Xplorys contracted renowned production facilities who comply with the highest production standards (BSCI) set for environmentally friendly production and healthy labour circumstances for all people involved in the production.

    By now the Dooky range of products consists of a large variety of great innovations for “on-and-around” the stroller, infant carrier and carrycot.

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    Goodbaby International Holdings Ltd. is one of the world’s leading global durable juvenile products companies. The Group designs, researches and develops, manufactures, markets and sells strollers, children’s car safety seats, cribs, bicycles and tricycles and other durable juvenile products. Goodbaby International markets its products in the Americas, Europe and Asia, etc.

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    Babymel was launched back in 2006 by friends Mel and Suzi (a fashion designer and lawyer respectively), the founders of celebrity favourite Storksak. Following the success of Storksak, the popular range of premium, luxury leather changing bags, Mel and Suzi decided to create a brand with all the quality and thoughtful design features.

    Babymel products feature plenty of bright colours and graphic patterns, all designed exclusively in-house in our London office. Constantly innovating, Babymel bags include features such as laminated, wipe clean coated finishes, insulated bottle holders, and an array of useful pockets and concealed compartments.

    All Babymel changing bags are leather-free and include our patented stroller clips for easy stroller attachment. The range has also expanded to include a collection of kid’s bags, featuring our signature prints, bright colours and insulation technology.
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    BSensible Baby

    BSensible branded bedding products are designed and manufactured by Bedding Industrial Beguda SL. Located around 100 miles northeast of Barcelona, Spain.

    Our manufacturing process is totally vertical: it begins knitting yarn in order to deliver natural textiles, which are then moved to our dyeing and finishing departments. Later, the fabric arrives at our lamination area, where the latest generation of waterproof and breathable polyurethane membranes are applied. Our laminated fabrics are finally cut and sewn into ready- made products which are packaged & distributed around the world.

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    Joie is a global group of friends and parents with one simple mission: to share joy with new parents worldwide.

    Our commitment to the highest standards of design, engineering and safety means we are accountable for everything we produce at Joie. We draw on decades of industry experience that stems from our devotion to do what is right for parents, children and the environment.

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    Elodie Details

    Elodie Details is a Swedish design company that creates functional and innovative baby products that live up to their motto of making “big differences for small people“.

    At Elodie Details it is believed that the products used in everyday baby life are more than simple necessities for an easier day. Personal style is not a question of age and Elodie Details strives to create fun and unique products that express a personality. From pacifiers and pacifier clips, to strollers and stroller accessories – all with a unique sense of style

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    Teddykompaniet i Båstad

    Teddykompaniet i Båstad, a wholesaler which sells soft animals, baby products and gift items, started as a family-run company almost 30 years ago.

    The headquarters is located in the beautiful coastal town of Båstad in southern Sweden where the family grew up. During the last 30 years there has been many changes but the core values and the foundation from which the company started have stayed the same.

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    Done by Deer

    Done by Deer is for families who believe life with kids and life with great design is a perfect match.

    Done by Deer design is done for the kids – and their parents. The company is deeply rooted in toy-making and strive to combine modern Scandinavian design with features that are fun and playful. Their designs stimulate the child’s senses and development with materials, colour combinations, and details that little fingers and eyes love to explore. Not to mention the cute cuddle toys.

    Done by Deer has a distinctive graphic edge and a clear reference to Scandinavian style of life. The philosophy is simple: To combine innovative design, safety, and a daring use of contemporary colours. This makes every item Done by Deer outstanding.

    Everything Done by Deer is 100% friendly and naturally tested thoroughly to comply or exceed strict European safety standards.

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    NORD range of prams includes both traditional and contemporary styles designed for parents who look for practical and stylish solutions at affordable price. Designed and produced entirely in Europe.


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    Bambino Mio

    Our brand, Bambino Mio, is founded on the principles of quality, convenience, style, comfort and value for money. We’re committed to developing products that are better for you, your baby, and your environment. Our aim is to deliver a superior customer service and product experience enabling you to focus on the joys of parenthood.

    Bambino Mio was founded in 1997 by husband and wife Guy and Jo Schanschieff. Based in Brixworth, Northampton, Bambino Mio is now established as the leading brand of reusable nappies and accessories worldwide.

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    CYBEX offers car seats, baby carriers and strollers that are not only safe but perfectly adapt to urban lifestyles.

    At the core of the brand and its product developments stands the CYBEX S.D.F. Innovation Principle: the combination of unsurpassed Safety and quality, unique Design and intelligent Functionality. This three-pronged strategy has led not only to the development of award-winning pioneering car seats like the rear-facing Sirona but also to no less than seven Red Dot Design Awards.

    Always questioning the status quo and not afraid of challenging the establishment, CYBEX has become not just a leader in child safety but is seen as an innovative lifestyle and fashion brand. With its fresh approach, CYBEX designs products for parents while pushing the boundaries that often separate safety, design and function.

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    Designed and manufactured by the Perego Family since 1949.

    After 60 years of making carriages, strollers, car seats, high chairs and kid-sized riding toys, our Peg Perego family is known for designing products to meet needs. Every step in the process, from engineering, to production, to shipping, is performed by Peg Perego and no one else–ensuring our customers get top quality products.

    We’re proud of our tradition, but we’re always pushing to develop new and innovative products that make life easier and reflect Italy’s most sophisticated trends.  From Urban to suburban to rural, from on-the-go features to stylized comfort, there’s a product for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

    From one family to another, we invite you to explore our latest collection and discover a life with baby that’s easier, comfortable and more stylish

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    NG Baby was founded in 1959 by Nils Gerhard Jacobsen who began making mattresses for prams.

    Since then we have developed and produced beddings for babies from our own factory in Emmaljunga. After so many years of experience we can confidently say, that we know what children need.

    When you choose products from NG Baby, you can be sure that you get the highest quality in terms of both sewing and materials. At NG Baby we only buy materials that are Oeko-Tex certified, which means that they are anti-allergenic and free from chemical additives.

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    Miniland Baby  develops and markest small electronic childcare products: surveillance systems for your baby, food, health and well-being. Challenge is the constant innovation of our products, improving day by day on design, technology and performance.

    Miniland Baby, we offers the most advanced and safest technology for baby care together with the healthiest and most educational fun.

    Our aim is to convert the experience of being a parent into an unforgettable and gratifying experience.  They make sure that the first experiences of the little ones in the house are marvellous.

    In fact, the quality of the Miniland Baby products largely comes from the innovative technology, the rigorous quality controls, the materials and the experience acquired over the years.

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    Munchkin, Inc. develops clever, innovative products that excite and delight parents and children. The company was founded in 1991 on the premise that it could anticipate and serve parents’ needs by developing uncomplicated baby products that make parenting – and life – easier and more enjoyable.

    Munchkin’s mission is to rid the world of tired and mundane products by developing clever, innovative solutions that excite and delight families — making parenting safer, easier and more fun.Munchkin knows it’s the little things® that often make the biggest difference

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    Doomoo is one of two ranges offered by the Belgian company Delta Diffusion. Created in 1990, Delta Diffusion is a family company in origin that has taken on outside people as it has grown, benefiting from the skills that they have to offer. Having started off with a limited range of products distributed only in the Benelux, we now have two extensive ranges that are finding success throughout the world.
    Our products are original and practical, and are all designed to make life easier for parents and their babies. Always on the lookout for innovations in the world of childcare, our team – made up of new parents – develops, selects and produces articles that demonstrate the care taken to ensure innovation and quality at the best possible price. Most of the products are manufactured in Belgium.
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    Carriwell maternity and nursing underwear

    We have been “supporting” pregnant and new moms with comfortable; convenient nursing and maternity underwear for over 14 years through an increasingly confident & positive retail network in over 30 countries. Our retailer network includes Babies R Us; Boots; N.C.T. and numerous others.

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    The CHILLAFISH Company was established in 2011 with first product introductions in stores in mid 2012. … and we haven’t stopped growing since then!

    There once was a hugely fun little boy fish swimming the oceans of childhood. This little guy was so cool, that his friends called him “Chill” instead of Bill. He really wasn’t the prettiest of all, but his fun attitude made up for all of that. This made him first choice for the insanely beautiful girl fish called “Bella”. She was so pretty that her lack of creativity and fun was all forgotten the moment you looked in her eyes. Chill and Bella really made a great couple and soon their firstborn was there. This little guy had the looks of his mother and the fun attitude of his father. It was the perfect mix and thus they called him “Chilla”.

    The little Chillafish soon grew up and went to college to learn how to make more Chillafish with all his own qualities: fun, playful, beautiful. After some years of experience he talked to some big fish investors about his plans to bring the Chillafish values to the wide world out there, so all kids in and out the water could enjoy playing the way they deserve.

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    ince 1990, BabyOno has been supporting parents in the process of childrearing by providing them with products that are necessary for children’s growth and development.

    Focusing on active parents who appreciate their comfort and time-saving solutions, we design our products so as to make them reliable, easy to use and ergonomic.  As we involve parents in the process of product development, the result of our work is a product that perfectly meets their needs.

    Our priority is creating items that are safe to use and designed in compliance with the binding European Union directives and standards. Toys are subject to detailed testing before they eventually find their way to children’s hands.

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    Since 1949 the brand Fehn stands for innovative and high-quality baby toys from birth on. Our lovely products are very soft and an ideal present for all little babies. With BabyFehn you can develop the motoric skills of your baby, capture baby’s imagination and stimulate all his visual, auditory and tactile senses. Safety and quality are most important for us.

    We exclusively use high-quality materials and permanently control the quality of our toys. In addition all of our products are tested according to the European Safety Standards by the TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH in Nuremberg, the leading test institute for toys in Germany.

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    Difrax B.V., formed in 1967, is the largest and leading brand for baby products and toys in the Netherlands, with a range that includes bottles, soothers, baby care products and soft toys. Difrax is also a leading international player in the baby products market. Our aim is to expand over the next few years to become a strong brand in Europe. Everything Difrax does is devoted to babies and their parents. Difrax aims to make innovative and fashionable products which make the lives of babies and parents as convenient and pleasant as possible. Over the past few years, Difrax has earned a reputation not only for developing and launching ground-breaking and award-winning products, but also for its refreshing and innovative advertising campaigns.

    The Difrax product range can be found in specialist baby shops, pharmacies and department stores (both chains and independent shops).

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    30 years ago two people decided to change their world. With the arrival of a new family, David & Luisa decided that the best out there wasn’t good enough and an idea was born – Mamas & Papas.

    Part of raising a family means instilling principles and values and David & Luisa treated Mamas & Papas just like their children. They know how important it is to give children the best start in life and they have held onto that thought throughout everything they do.

    And as Mamas & Papas has grown, so has their family.


    Their daughters Amanda & Olivia have gone on to have families of their own and they are now shaping the business based on their own experience as parents. Great product comes from unique experiences and there’s nothing more unique than parenthood, because of that every product of ours has a story to tell. What better testing and training ground is there other than real life. It is this that makes our brand so unique.The family continues to expand as we open new stores in new markets across the World, all reflecting the core values of the brand that make Mamas & Papas so special.

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    Mutsy, originally founded as Mutsaerts in 1937, got its start building traditionally styled prams. Initially serving the Benelux countries of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, the idea of portability and comfort were critical given these countries’ emphasis on walking. The result was larger than normal wheels to provide improved manoeuvrability and a smoother ride for baby. The company was purchased by long-time employee Cees Driessen in the 1980s.

    Mutsy continued to manufacture its trademark prams and expanded into other European markets. In the new millennium, the vision of the Driessen’s son, Freek, was to create an aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced frame as the basis of a distinctive new line of innovative baby transport products.

    In addition to a range of baby transport products with Mutsy’s signature quality, design and unparalleled flexibility, the Mutsy collection has expanded to include high chairs, booster seats and other innovative baby accessories.